At Fitzroy Financial Advice, we like to get to know our clients on a personal level to understand their goals and dreams before tailoring a plan to help them get there. We believe in forming a strong, personal connection so you can trust our expertise and rest assured knowing that your finances are taken care of.

Marcus Leggat and Nick Tzoutzias founded Fitzroy Financial Advice after working in the financial services industry and seeing first hand the impact that professional financial advice can have for clients.

Marcus began his career at a Brisbane based financial advisory firm in 2002 and first provided advice as a licensed financial adviser in 2004. Marcus is driven to help craft a strategic financial plan for his clients. One that’s designed to make their financial goals become a reality.

In addition to his work in Financial Services, Marcus is a family man and husband who has been raising funds and awareness for those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since he was diagnosed himself at the age of 25.

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Nick first entered the financial services industry in 1990 and became a licensed financial adviser in 1998. Nick provides holistic advice to high net worth clients in Rockhampton, with a strong emphasis on building long-term trusted relationships.

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